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Window coverings are essential to any home or business. We exclusively offer Norman Window Fashions extensive product line. Whether it's faux wood blinds, cellular shades, roman shades, or shutters we have an option to fit any need and budget. Endless colors and options available (cordless, motorized, automatic).

Norman® products are backed by a Lifetime Warranty against defects in materials and/or workmanship for as long as the original purchaser owns the product.

Norman Shutters Blinds Shades

Quality Isn't Just A Catchphrase, It's Our Heritage

     With over 40 years of excellence in crafting fine window furnishings, Norman®’s quality has made it famous.  It’s what drives Norman® to innovate and why you will see it in every detail.  Few companies will farm their  own wood, make their own components, or weave their own cords.  At Norman®, everything matters and anything is possible.

     Norman® strives to exceed the highest industry standards. That’s why Norman® is focused on leading the industry in quality, service, selection and value. From our patented performance and safety enhancing techniques, award-winning product designs, to our socially responsible processes in manufacturing and forestry, Norman® has a history of defining the future.

To Be The Best You Have To Do It Yourself

     Norman® is the most vertically integrated original manufacturer in our industry.  Which means we design, manufacture and assemble over 90% of the components that goes into every product we offer.  Other companies primarily rely on others to manufacture their component parts which they then assemble.

     Our method ensures you receive the most innovative, highest quality products possible.  We then back that with a Lifetime warranty so you know your purchase will stand the test of time.  We never compromise on the things that matter the most.

Wood Blinds

Fashion For Today, Timeless For Tomorrow

     Think of your windows as a blank canvas.  Through shapes, lines, colors, opacities, textures, movement and materials, the sky is the limit.  At Norman® we strive to offer you boundless possibilities – not just in terms of colors, fabrics and styles, but also in the design of our products.

     Our goal is to put you in control; to make it easy to choose exactly what you want and how you want it; and to elevate your everyday window covering needs into an expression of distinguished style and taste – without compromises.

Roman Shades Fabric


Not just any shutters, they are custom, hand-crafted furniture for your windows!

Norman Shutters

Woodlore Shutters

World's Best Selling Shutter

     Woodlore Shutters are crafted using eco-friendly wood composite shutter with patented medical grade polypropylene coating for extra safety and durability. It’s not only environmentally safe, but it also exceeds even the most stringent international safety standards. Furnished with incredible density and strength, Woodlore shutters are built to last a lifetime. Industry topping quality at an unbeatable value – there’s a reason why it’s the world’s best-selling shutter.

    -Eco-Friendly Made from an EcoSmart Wood Composite with a durable specially formulated MDF that utilizes up to 95% of every tree harvested.

    -Polypropylene Coating This medical-grade, safe coating protects against scratching, chipping, yellowing and fading. A proven favorite in the automotive, toy and food packaging industries.

    -Unmatched Durability All Woodlore Shutters are made with a solid composite wood core. They can withstand temperatures up to 140°F and won’t sag when exposed to window heat unlike hollow vinyl products. They resist cupping and warping to ensure tight closure with smooth operation.

Woodlore®’s UV inhibitors protect against color fading and yellowing. And its patented polypropylene coating resists staining to ensure long-term performance in a variety of environments.

Woodlore Plus

Shutter of the Future

     Woodlore® Plus is a hybrid shutter utilizing light weight yet durable ABS for its louvers. Patterned after an aircraft wing's design, our ABS louvers are strong, rigid and lightweight, which allows us to create panels up to 36" wide for more unobstructed views. For high moisture areas of the home, the special  waterproof option enhances resistance to moisture, shrinking, and warping. The durable ABS co-polymer means a tough and waterproof surface that won’t chip, scratch, or dent. Not to mention, stainless steel hinges included in the waterproof option are guaranteed never to rust or corrode.


Britghtwood Shutters

Affordable Premium Luxury

     Brightwood takes the best parts of our Woodlore and Normandy shutters and births a beautiful premium shutter at a fantastically affordable price. The EcoSmart wood composite frame combined with premium hardwood panels adds style and extra build options without breaking your budget. Wider panels mean sleek modern design, while customization remains at the forefront with an entire palette of premium paint colors and hardware selections. Create the perfect premium shutter for your home with Norman’s Brightwood. No matter the window,  Brightwood is a more affordable way to cover windows in any size, any paint color, and any shape.

    -Affordable Premium Hardwood Shutters Brightwood offers the luxury and premium customization of our painted wood shutters, but at a more affordable price. Our innovative hybrid shutters are built with panels and louvers made from real hardwood, and frames made from EcoSmart Wood Composite – the incredibly durable and earth-friendly material found in Woodlore. It’s a seemingly simple but bright solution,  which opens up a vast world of capabilities and style.

    -Brighter Possibilities With the ability to build each panel to our highest maximum dimensions, Brightwood is ready for whatever your dream design demands; whether that be sliding patio door applications, large window expanses, or innovative indoor-outdoor solutions. Brightwood’s wide capabilities are the perfect enhancement to modern decor and comfort, and to give your room a sleek and streamlined look with more view to the outside. With Brightwood, the extent of our craftsmanship is endless.

Normandy Shutters

Luxurious Natural Beauty

     Sophisticated and unique, with real hardwood’s unmistakable natural beauty and luxury.  The Paulownia hardwood in Normandy® stained shutters originates from eco friendly "miracle" forests that rejuvenate every 7 years. It offers luxurious wood graining with elegant natural characteristics exhibiting both depth and character.

    -Mortise and Tenon Joinery found in heirloom furniture, our mortise and tenon joints will help your shutters withstand decades of sheer stress and racking forces. The joint is crafted out of a mortise cut through the wood and a hearty tenon, which fits snugly into the mortise. The precision crafting creates a tight lock, without the need for extra screws or fasteners.

    -Engineered Stiles A well-crafted shutter closes solidly, does not have unsightly gaps, and stays that way year in and year out. To accomplish this, each part of the shutter must be stable and can resist twisting and bowing. With the unique engineered stiles, multiple layers of wood are bonded together with pressure, heat, and polymer. The proprietary process imparts an intense level of stability and structural integrity to the cores and results in a robust support system for your shutters.

    -Prescription Wood Conditioning All Normandy® hardwoods are prescription wood conditioned for extraordinary durability and exhibit one of the best strength to weight ratios among all wood type shutters. Our wood shutter's moisture level is customized to its final destination. This unique drying process helps reduce post-installation shrinking and swelling.


Shutter Options

-InvisibleTilt the embedded gear and pinion system, enables seamless louver tilting without a tilt rod for a more streamlined and modern appearance. Traditional “hidden tilt” systems hide a bar in the back of the panel, fastened by screws that loosen over time. This results in the panels closing unevenly and allowing light to creep in, plus wear and tear from loose screws scraping against your frame.

This breakthrough technology has no extra screws or fasteners that can eventually rattle, rust, bend, break or scuff over time. Its precise control over the louvers allows for tighter and more consistent closure throughout, while ensuring wider and more unobstructed views.

-PerfectTilt G4 Motorized Shutters deliver convenient and consistent performance, and come with an intuitive remote control and quiet, energy efficient motors.  Utilize the Norman® app and your favorite iOS device to automate the shutters to fit your lifestyle.

-Invisible Hinge Made to perform for a lifetime. Concealed "invisible" design for a contemporary clean look. A high-end satin finish completes the design.

-DayNight Shutters The Ultimate blackout solution, designed for the bedroom, family room or media room. Incorporates a built in shade for room darkening

-Decorative Hardware Open and close your shutters more easily or gain the peace of mind that comes with added security through the implementation of ring pulls or panel locks.

-Color Options

Woodlore - 6 Standard Colors.

Woodlore Plus & Brightwood - 24 Standard Paint Colors  + Custom Color paint options.

Normandy - 24 Standard Paint Colors and 24 Stain Colors + Custom Color paint & stain options.


When it comes to Norman® custom blinds, there's no need to compromise quality and style for price.

Wood Faux Blinds
Screenshot 2023-04-20 184853.jpg

Ultimate Faux Wood Blinds

You Deserve the Best

     Ultimate represents the finest light control and privacy in a cordless blind.  New innovative features such as the exclusive pivoting bottom rail combined with the award-winning patented SmartPrivacy technology has yielded the best blind in the market. With Ultimate, experience enhanced room darkening with cordless operation and the extra durability, convenience and privacy. Our faux wood blinds are made for virtually any environment from heat to moisture to exposure.

    -Tightest Closure Traditional blinds contain route holes in the middle of the slats, allowing light to penetrate and reducing privacy. With award-winning patented SmartPrivacy®, our innovative design places the route holes at the back of the slat. This allows us to substantially minimize light leakage and enhance privacy. Achieve a whole new level of refinement and comfort stylishly and effortlessly. Ultimate's exclusive bottom rail pivots 90 degrees when closed to align with the slats resulting in tightest top to bottom closure in the market.

    -Cordless Lift Systems is "Best for Kids" certified and offers flawless daily operation. Easy to raise and lower and stays level with no slat shift.

    -Safety First Our proprietary formulation is not only light weight and durable, but lead free as well.

    -Valance-free Headrail The impact resistant, modern, valance free polydeco headrail is both attractive and trouble-free.

    -Built-in Light Block Ultimate's headrail has built-in light block so top slat is fully recessed eliminating any upper light leakage and the need for a valance.

    -Broad Color Selection 6 Solid and grain embossed slats offer a wide range of colors and 4 grain finishes.


Screenshot 2023-04-20 185121.jpg

Normandy Wood Blinds

Earth Friendly & Naturally Beautiful

     Discover natural elegance with Normandy® Wood Blinds featuring award-winning SmartPrivacy® technology that closes blinds tighter and conceals all route holes for extra privacy.  The distinctively grained and eco-friendly solution provides elegance and quality that’s immaculately refined.

    -Elegant Grain Patterns Made of the same Paulownia hardwood in Normandy® Shutters, the quarter sawn slats create grain patterns that are Unique and elegant.

    -Quarter Sawn Slats Unlike cheaper plain sawn slats, our slats are milled from a quartered log. Each Normandy® Blind slat is cut perpendicular to the grain for added stability and better resistance to warping. The same process used on our Normandy® Shutters.

    -OSMO Finish is a safe, natural and eco-friendly stain-finish. OSMO amplifies wood's natural graining for intensely character-rich slats. It is a natural oil and wax in one product that is resistant to water and dirt.

    -Engineered Bottom Rail The bottom rail cap is integrated into the rail, eliminating the protrusion that can damage the window sill over time.


Screenshot 2023-04-20 184503_edited.jpg

Synchrony Vertical Blinds

Practicality Meets Modern Technology

     Synchrony combines the traditional practicality of vertical blinds with the improved durability and performance of modern technology. We set out to update vertical blinds with today’s technologies, made with over 40 years of know-how. Synchrony offers extra durability against scuffs and dents. Slats are effortlessly rotated with a twist of the wand providing tighter closure for enhanced light control. The cordless design is certified “Best for Kids”, and free from pull cords that can be a strangulation risk for children and pets. With Norman®’s exclusive built-in quality, Synchrony represents the pinnacle of vertical blind construction, made for the demands of modern living.

    -Details Matter Synchrony’s award-winning Aileron Headrail helps block light and promotes a more darkened room. Inspired by the movement and shape of ailerons found on airplane wings, the Aileron Headrail’s concealment flap rotates to block the normal light that streams in between the headrail and slats. This innovative streamlined design completely eliminates the need for traditional valances that are bulky, unsightly and prone to falling off or breaking.

    -A Rainbow of On-Trend Colors Gone are the days when vertical blinds seemed to only come in white or beige. Synchrony are available in an array of tantalizing colors, styles and textures. Also choose from a variety of slat styles and textures: smooth for a crisp, clean aesthetic; textured for a softer, more fabric-like look; embossed and wood-like for a stylish touch. With so many options, Synchrony lets you create the blind that’s right for you




From exotic fabrics to award-winning lift systems to the latest in motorization, the craftsmanship, technology and array of options in Norman® shades is exceptional. 

Norman Honeycomb Shades

Portrait Honeycomb Shades

Reduce Energy Costs with Style

     Advanced honeycomb technology for extra insulation and home energy efficiency. Stylish and streamlined - made for every window.

    -SmartRise™ Cordless Lift System enables easy raising and lowering of the shade and is self-leveling. Portrait™ Honeycomb Shades are a great solution for difficult to cover large windows. Our patented SmartRise™ Lift system delivers the widest/tallest cordless shade in the market.

    -Insulating Solar heat passes through windows in summer, while indoor heat escapes in winter. Honeycomb shades protect against energy loss with the trapped air pocket design available in 6 different cell sizes to match the look and scale of your window or door.

    -Dual Shades & Smart Fit Control how much light enters your room. Choose from a translucent sheer to light filtering to room darkening, Or pick two fabrics for flexible day & night shade.This window treatment is a top-down bottom-up, cordless honeycomb shade that fits tightly to the window jambs because its operating cords are placed on the side of the shade. Coupled with an integrated frame, it forms an even more effective blackout shade that is great for home theaters or bedrooms.

The dual shades working together give you the power to adjust each fabric individually, granting more privacy and light control options. The light-blocking wood frame can be customized in a color of your choice to complement your existing room decor. SmartFit® is a versatile solution for large and small windows alike.

Norman Soluna Roller Shades

Soluna Roller Shades

Fashion for Today. Timeless for Tomorrow.

     Soluna™ Roller Shades Capture the spirit of modern living and celebrate a vast world of color, textures and styles. Soluna™ has a special solution that will bring your home comfort, grace and style – morning, day or night.

    -PercisionLift™ Cordless - Featuring an exclusive one-touch lift technology for quick, accurate and nimble control. Raise and lower with no additional pulling or tugging.

    -Dual Shade, like two shades in one, the dual layered approach features one shade for the ultimate in versatility.

    -SmartRelese™ option quietly lowers your shade automatically with a gentle tug of the cord

    -UV Protection, Our shades protect against fading of your furniture, flooring or precious artwork. Choose from the latest color trends, textures, patterns and opacities ranging from sheer to room darkening.

    -360 Light block An all-around room darkening solution when total light control is desired. LightGuard 360™ offers that extra bit of room darkening to any room where pesky light rays are unwanted. This innovative system incorporates housing  and bottom and side channels that wrap around the edge of the shade to take care of any light that might seep through. This results in a window covering that blocks out more light than a standard window shade, helping you get a better night’s sleep and catch up on some Z’s.

Norman Roman Shades
Norman Sheer Banded Shades

Centerpiece Roman Shades

A World of Fabrics

     A world of soft, luxury fabrics and exquisite details. Centerpiece™ embodies the best of tailored craftsmanship.

    -Aerolite™ Cordless Lifting System enables easy raising and lowering of the shade - with ultra premium cordless control and a smooth, quiet experience.

    -Day and Night shade, like two shades in one. Choose two fabrics, a sheer and a blackout, for extra versatility to match your lifestyle.

    -Multiple Fold Styles and Ribbon & Edge Banding options to create both a simple or sophisticated look to further refine your personal style.

    -Lining Options, choose a translucent lining to gently diffuse light or select a blackout lining for its room darkening and privacy qualities.

    -Motorization, refined automation that's simple to use for single shades or dual shades and windows large or small. Adjust single, multiple, or hard to reach shades at the push of a button.

PerfectSheer Banded Shades

A View Perfected

     Experience light a whole new way, its warmth, its beauty, its transitional effects, while achieving a perfect balance of light control. PerfectSheer™’s soft interplay of light, colors and shadows elevates decor and everyday privacy control to a new level of elegance and softness.  Only PerfectSheer™ combines the variable view features of a banded, layered shade with the transitional light effect and closure benefits of a vaned sheer shade for a sleek and modern effect. The best of both worlds.

    -Light Control & Privacy, match opacities to suit your needs. Light filtering for an ambient glow or room darkening for maximum light control. PerfectSheer™'s unique and innovative design yields the tightest vane closure of any product in its category.

    -Woven Seam Construction, most manufactures join their fabrics by either gluing, sewing or heat fusing. PerfectSheer™'s three layers of fabric are woven together for beauty and reliability.


Elegance Meets Functionality

     Soft like drapery and delicately architectural, SmartDrape™’s undulating sheer and fabric vane construction is specially made to bring you style, versatility and seamless indoor-outdoor living. SmartDrape™ is constructed from a series of individual fabric vanes suspended in a sheer to create a floating effect.

    -Walk Through Vanes SmartDrape™'s innovative individual vane construction allows for unimpeded walk through even when the shade is closed.

    -Cordless Operation SmartDrape™'s "Best for Kids" certified cordless operation will provide you years of reliable use and peace of mind.

    -Wide Opening Solution With single shades widths able to cover a 10' opening and the ability to combine 2 shades, SmartDrape™ can handle the widest of all applications.

    -Machine Washable The individual fabric vanes are detachable and an easily be washed while maintaining their overall rich appearance.

SmartDrape Shades Drapes
Screenshot 2024-04-05 145932.jpg
Screenshot 2024-04-05 150810.jpg

Motorized Window Treatments

Adjust with a Touch

     Norman’s motorized window treatments deliver convenient and consistent performance, and come with an intuitive remote control, along with quiet, energy-efficient motors. You can also utilize the Norman® smartphone app to adjust your window coverings even when you’re away from home. Sought after for their modern convenience and sleek style, window treatments with next-gen motorization technology offer several key benefits:

    -Convenience: motorized window treatments make it easy to control your window coverings without having to physically open or close them. This makes them a great choice for hard-to-reach windows. ​The age of convenience has arrived with Norman® Smart Motorization. Utilizing an intuitive RF remote, you can adjust your shades to fit any personally desired level of privacy with a single touch of a button. Adjust your Norman® shade with the press of a button or just a tap on your phone. Automate Home Motorization offers additional convenience to your home using a remote control, wall switch, or even the smartphone app!

    -Energy Efficiency: motorized window treatments can be programmed to open and close automatically at certain times of the day, maximizing natural light while minimizing energy costs. Feel free to raise or lower the shade as often as needed, since the internal battery can be easily recharged and operate for up to four months at a time.

    -Safety: motorized window treatments are safer than traditional manual options because they eliminate the need for cords or strings, which can be a choking hazard for young children and pets. Certain smart motorization treatments can also be programmed to close even when you’re away from home, giving off the illusion of your presence.

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