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Screen Repair
Fixing a Door
Home Improvement

Sometimes life happens. Screens can be damaged by pets, kids, and even adults. We've all walked into a screen door or two. If replacement is not necessary, most screens can be "rescreened" with new mesh. Even some components can be replaced and /or upgraded in lieu of full replacement.

We perform many hardware and weather proofing to all doors swinging or sliding. We can install new handles, locks, peep holes, hinges, wheels, etc. This saves a lot when considering the price of a new door.

There are many "handy man" and other trades repairs we also do. Some examples include shower doors, closet doors, screen door installation, shade installation and many others. We consider ourselves to be "A Jack of all trades, but a master of one". If you have a small project, just ask. If its in our wheel house we will gladly help.

We are here to help.
Tell us about your project today.

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